Veterinary Services

What we offer

Veterinary Services

What we offer

List of Veterinary Services

General health assessment and nutritional advice

Diagnostics including – digital x – rays, blood tests etc.


Primary healthcare including vaccination; deworming and comprehensive tick and flea control 

Hospitalisation and care


General soft tissue surgery 

Routine dental scale and polish and dental surgery

Geriatric and Chronic illness care

Wellness and prevention medicine

Pet food stock and supplies

Pet disposal and Private cremation/return of ashes

Basic Health Care


Vaccinations are vitally important and plays a critical role in the maintenance of a healthy pet.

By vaccinating your pet it will help in the prevention of contracting an infectious disease that can be fatal.

How do vaccines work?

  • Vaccines help to strengthen the immune system of your pet so that when they are exposed to certain diseases, their body is able to fend off the infection totally or reduce the severity of the disease.
  • It is not possible to vaccinate against all diseases but the most common and serious ones are covered.
  • Canine Vaccines consist of 3 vaccines in puppies and annually thereafter in adult dogs (6weeks/9weeks/12weeks)
  • Feline vaccines consist of 2 vaccines in kittens and annually thereafter in adult cats (8weeks/12weeks)

The following diseases will be covered by vaccinating,

Canine Parvovirus

Canine Distemper

Canine Parainfluenza

Infectious Canine Hepatitis

Canine Leptospirosis

Canine & Feline Rabies

Feline Rhinotracheitus

Feline Calicivirus

Feline Panleukopenia

Feline Clamydiosis

*Feline Bordetella/Kennel Cough

*Feline Leukemia

Tick and Flea Treatment

Tick and flea infestation can impact the health of your pet and therefore it is important to use a suitable product to protect them against these parasites and diseases that comes with it. These diseases are easy to prevent just by applying a spot on or chewing a tablet. Biliary can be a stressful and expensive process for you and your pet. The best treatment comes from your vet or health shop and not just over the counter treatment.


Spaying and neutering your pet reduces the chances of them getting infections, cancer, roaming, overpopulation and will also help to reduce aggression, spraying and marking everywhere. Older bitches risk of developing dangerous pyometras and false pregnancies will also be eliminated.


Worms are rarely seen so you cannot tell if your pet has worms just by looking at them, the only way to know is by microscopic examination of the faeces to detect the eggs, worms can be very harmful to your pet and can cause serious health issues especially the spirocerca worm that lives in the lungs and heart.

Dogs and anal glands

Sometimes a dogs anal sacs don’t empty properly and can cause irritation of the bottom which makes your pet lick this area a lot or to scoot his bottom along the ground, most people think that the dog has worms and that is why he is doing it if left untreated in can cause infection. Glands don’t need routine attention but if there is irritation, see your vet.

Dental care

Teeth are important and just like humans’ animals benefit from regular dental care. Dirty teeth with heavy coated plaque can cause bad breath and infection resulting in poor appetite.

1 in 3 pets go missing during their lifetime, and without proper ID, 90% never return home. A microchip for dogs & cats gives the best protection with permanent ID that can never be removed or become impossible to read.

Operating in South Africa since 1989, Identipet is the ONLY microchip ever to be used and endorsed by the National Council of SPCAs. Registering your pet only takes a few minutes, and could save their life.  

Enquire about the Identipet Microchip today…

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14:58 01 Mar 22
Thank you so much ... excellent animal care
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Unbelievable love and genuine care for animals... will definetly refer erasmia animal vet to everyone
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Excellent service and reasonably priced. Great care and concern for your animals.
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The kindest, animal loving vet clinic.We sadly had to put our old-man GSD to sleep and their kindness and gentleness helped me and Shadow for his crossing. Thank you...But they have been taking care of his health and wellbeing for a long time and we are extremely happy with this team.
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Fantastic, friendly and professional service.The doctor and staff are always ready to jump right in for an emergency. Kennel and overnight care are 10/10, clean and comfortable.